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Our team consists of experienced naturalists and knowledgeable guides who are eager to share their expertise and love for wildlife with you. They will take you on immersive journeys through diverse landscapes, from the dense rainforests of Sinharaja to the open savannahs of Yala, where you can witness incredible wildlife sightings and capture breathtaking moments through your lens.

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Mohommed Mansoor CASSEER also known as SAM, was born in13 march 1956. he was bought up in Ingiriya where his first lessons on Birds he learned at Bodinagala forest reserve.. Sam is a member of a
family of 12.and had his primary education in Gamini Central Collage, later he moved to Colombo for
his higher studies.

Sam in his younger age loved the nature and enjoyed Wildlife photography. And he always wanted to
become an idle who would work for the nature which led the foundation to become a bird watcher.
He started his career in tourism industry as a Bird guide 1991.in Baurs Tours And travels. Later in1994 he
moved to Jet wing Travels which took him a long way in tourism industry.
In 1998 when Mr.P.T Perera Created the Jetwing Eco Holidays he begun as a Bird Watching guide.
Where he had chance to lead most of the birding tours which gave him an inspiration to become a
national guide lecturer. Sam is also very knowledgeable about the history of Sri lanka and fauna flora.

In June 2003 Sam became National Guide
Sam today is one of the leading National Guides in Sri Lanka. Specializing in Bird Watching, Trekking And Rain Forest Exploration.
In 2009 Sam Was Awarded Sri Lanka Jana Ranjana A Prestigious Title for Helping the Tsunami
In the middle of the year 2009, Sam Got a golden Opportunity to lead Mr. Bill Oddie (presenter of the Spring Watch Wild Life documentary Which is watched by around 5 million people around the world) most
famous birder in the UK.
The trip report of Bill Oddie visiting Sri Lanka Appeared in the BBC Wildlife magazine in January 2011.
Although he had led many bird Watching tours such As Forest Trails, Peacock trails, Elder Treks, Bill
He was one of his exceptional guests as he was his childhood hero.
In 2014 Sam was selected to work with Mr. Nigel Marvin. A celebrity Presenter on ANIMAL PLANT TV
who host the Anaconda and snake-capturing